Saturday, 14 January 2012

BETT 2012

I am sitting on the train coming back from BETT, thinking just how long it has been since I blogged.
With no excuse of being too busy on the train, I thought I'd put down some thoughts about my afternoon on the Google Stand.
I got the opportunity to do a presentation about what we have been doing in Norfolk with Google and how the Cloud Educator Programme is going. There was loads of interest, and some very loud intakes of breath when I mentioned that we had nearly 150,000 accounts for our students and staff!
It was great to be able to share the fantastic work that has been going on in Norfolk with an International audience.
The rest of the afternoon was spent wearing a Google t-shirt with 'I'm Certified' written across the back. I'm still not sure that the Americans really get the humour in this!
I spoke to loads of people about Google Apps for Education. The most common questions were around eSafety. While there are things that need to be considered, I'm not sure why so many people feel that this is a potential issue. Within Google Apps there are many tools to help you manage the domain, therefore giving you more control than many other apps and services.
Over the next couple of weeks I have the privilege of working again with the Cloud Educators. I'm really looking forward to bringing them up to date with everything I learned today, and hearing what they have been doing since September. I know some have been busy with the Google online test and I'm really proud that two have already gained their Qualified Individual Status already.

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