Monday, 25 July 2011

Some Summer Thinking

It would be great to think that the Norfolk Cloud Educator Programme could look a bit deeper at how technology can support and enhance learning.
Kathy Schrock produced this lovely diagram showing how Google Tools can support Bloom's Revised Taxonomy.

The diagram on her web page links to the various tools but goes no further.
An interesting task to set ourselves would be to provide concrete examples for each one over the coming year, making sure that teachers are clear about the pedagogy underlying the uses of Google Apps.


  1. Don't you find it worrying that Google has this monopoly? A knowledge manipulation monoculture seems somewhat stale to me. In that mode I don't think I'm a cloud educator. I'm a teacher making use of the 'cloud' tools in my teaching, much as other generations of teachers have made use of the tools at their disposal, many of which we still use. Also a plea for a consideration of more than Google and less than Google. Bloom's revised too probably has it's limitations. To use a well worn phrase 'there's always outside the box.'

  2. Thanks for your response. Please don't misunderstand - the reason for calling this the Cloud Programme is to be able to look at anything that sits in the Cloud. The focus on Google is just to give a common starting ground. While I would agree that Bloom's has its limitations, it can be a good starting point for getting teachers to think about pedagogy and not just the technology.
    It will be interesting to see where it takes us!